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Naturalguard is an Essential Oil blend obtained from a mixture of three plant oil extracts: Lavender, Pine, and Eucalyptus. The active components Cineol, Linalool, and Isobornyl acetate have anti-viral and anti-bacterial activities. Naturalguard in lower doses acts as an immunomodulator by which animals can keep their immune system at the optimum level. It was formulated by using an innovative technique developed by Rhea. In addition, several carriers, like minerals in feed premix, dilution in water, and salt, have been used to create this product. Naturalguard helps to enhance productivity by keeping the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) at the minimum level in swine, poultry and large animals. More detailed information about Naturalguard can be found here in our product brochure

Naturalguard is effective against deadly pathogens of swine, like the African Swine Fever Virus. It is also effective against pathogens infecting other species such as chicken. Furthermore, it has been proven to help enhancing the growth of cattle and to significantly reduce the transportation stress levels

Rhea Natural Sciences has developed Naturalguard as a feed additive which is widely used in animal farms in Vietnam, China and Indonesia.


Naturalguard is comprised of ingredients from 3 essential oils:

Pinus sylvestris

Isobornyl acetate is an active component extracted from Pinus oil. Amongst other components, it has been known for a long time for its anti-microbial activities.

Lavandula latifolia

Linalool is an active component extracted from Lavandula oil. The immunomodulatory properties and antimicrobial properties of have been well documented, even against multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains.

Eucalyptus globulus

Cineole is an active component extracted from Eucalyptus oil. Essential oil extracted from various Eucalyptus plant species contains many pharmacologically active compounds which are useful as antimicrobial agents. Essential oil ingredients from Eucalyptus species were reported to possess antimicrobial activity especially against emerging multidrug-resistant bacterial strains such as MRSA, which makes them attractive alternatives to standard antibiotics.


Summary of Naturalguard’s observed biological activities on preventing pathogen transmission and enhancing growth performance

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